Help & Support

Start by clicking on the button “Add Song to Project”. Then you’ll be asked to select the type of service for that specific song. After that, complete the form with the options for the new song and finish by clicking the button “Add Song”. Now you have a new song in your project.

Once you add your first song you’ll see the button “Add More Songs”. You can then select a different type of service for the new song. For example, you could add a song for a complete mixing and mastering service and two more for only mastering.

After completing the checkout process you’ll be redirected to the upload page. You’ll also recieve a confimation Email where there is a link to the same page in case you can’t upload your files right after placing the order.

Once you get to the upload page, you’ll see a section similar to this one with the most important questions. In case you want to read more about how to best export and send your files check the article HERE

At the time there is no option to buy revision packages. There are 2 revisions per song included in every project. Each additional revision cost 20€.

Do You Have More Questions?

You can always contact me and drop a line (or two).